20 December 2011

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Artisan Partners is pleased to announce that Morningstar has nominated two of its portfolio management teams for Morningstar’s 2011 Manager of the Year awards. Since the beginning of Morningstar’s annual award, it has been uncommon for two equity managers from the same firm to be nominated in the same year. Morningstar will announce the winners in January.

Scott Satterwhite, Jim Kieffer and George Sertl of the Artisan U.S. Value team were nominated for Morningstar’s 2011 Domestic-Stock Manager of the Year. The team manages the Artisan Value (ARTLX), Mid Cap Value (ARTQX) and Small Cap Value (ARTVX) Funds. The U.S. Value team’s nomination was based on several factors, including the consistency of the team’s approach and its ability to produce strong returns through all kinds of markets.

David Samra and Dan O’Keefe, leaders of Artisan’s Global Value team, were nominated for Morningstar’s 2011 International-Stock Manager of the Year. The duo previously won the award in 2008. David and Dan manage the Artisan Global Value (ARTGX) and International Value (ARTKX) Funds. In nominating the Global Value team, Morningstar said, ‘‘both of their funds boast exceptional long-term records’’ and ‘‘both funds consistently stand out from their category peers.’’

Eric Colson, CEO of Artisan Partners said, ‘‘We believe Morningstar’s nominations are recognition of the quality of our investment talent and validation of the benefits of our focus and business model. At Artisan, our sole business is high value-added investment management. As a high value-added investment manager we recognize that our most important asset is our talent. Therefore, everything we do is consciously designed to allow our investment talent to thrive. From the autonomous structure of our teams, to the resources we provide to support their unique processes to our distinct business management team. The goal is to optimize the time of our investment professionals and create an environment that encourages independent thinking and original research.’’

The Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year award recognizes portfolio managers who demonstrate excellent investment skill and the courage to differ from the consensus to benefit investors. To qualify for the award, managers’ funds must have not only posted impressive returns for the year, but the managers also must have a record of delivering outstanding long-term performance and of aligning their interests with shareholders’. The Fund Manager of the Year award winners are chosen based on Morningstar’s proprietary research and indepth evaluation by its fund analysts. 


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