1 April 2019

New York, New York. Artisan Partners announced today that Artisan Emerging Markets Strategy has become Artisan Sustainable Emerging Markets Strategy. The strategy is managed by the newly renamed Artisan Partners Sustainable Emerging Markets team, led by portfolio manager Maria Negrete-Gruson. The core of the Sustainable Emerging Markets team has worked together for over 20 years, following a consistent, disciplined approach to emerging markets investing.

The new name highlights the team's historic focus on sustainability. Ms. Negrete-Gruson explained, "To us, sustainability goes beyond the typical environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. It is about businesses making the right strategic choices that bring continuity to their shareholders, employees, customers and their communities."

Artisan Partners CEO, Eric Colson, added, "Long before the term 'sustainability' was popularized in the marketplace, Maria and her team were incorporating sustainability concepts throughout their investment process. The new name reflects the team's approach to emerging markets and characteristics of its longstanding process. In addition, the team itself is a fine example of sustainability: diverse, stable, consistent and always aiming to improve."


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