21 March 2023

San Francisco, California. Artisan Partners International Value Team lead portfolio manager David Samra was featured as the closing keynote speaker at the Columbia Student Investment Management Association (CSIMA) annual conference. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to hear from some of the top names in the investment management business. Mr. Samra shared a fireside chat on stage with Columbia Business School (CBS) Professor Tano Santos, during which they discussed Mr. Samra’s time-tested approach to value investing and how he has refined his toolkit over time. 

An esteemed CBS graduate and distinguished international value investor, Mr. Samra enjoys staying connected within the investing community and mentoring future value investing talent. “As an alumnus and practicing value investor, it is an honor to have the opportunity to share my experiences with CBS students and the value investing community at large,” he said.

This event closely followed the Artisan International Value Stock Pitch Challenge at CBS, which Mr. Samra hosted on February 9, 2023.


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