16 June 2021

San Francisco. Artisan Partners announced today that it will close the Artisan International Value Strategy, including all commingled vehicles, to most new investors effective 30 June 2021.The Strategy will remain open to existing investors and investors who satisfy certain new account eligibility requirements. The International Value Strategy is managed by Portfolio Manager David Samra and Co-Portfolio Managers Ian McGonigle and Joseph Vari and launched on 1 July 2002. Assets in the Strategy were approximately $30 billion as of 31 May 2021.

Artisan Partners CEO Eric Colson said, “We have always approached our investment teams’ growth thoughtfully, striving to balance total assets under management, the velocity of asset growth and other factors such as market performance. Since their launch nearly two decades ago, David and his team have diligently managed capacity, ensuring their ongoing ability to execute on their investment philosophy and process. Managing capacity has always been key to protecting the integrity of our investment strategies, and we believe now is the appropriate time to limit new investments in the strategy.”

Investment Risks: Current and future portfolio holdings are subject to risk. International investments involve special risks, including currency fluctuation, lower liquidity, different accounting methods and economic and political systems, and higher transaction costs. These risks typically are greater in emerging markets. Securities of small- and medium-sized companies tend to have a shorter history of operations, be more volatile and less liquid and may have underperformed securities of large companies during some periods. Value securities may underperform other asset types during a given period.

Artisan Partners Limited Partnership (APLP) is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Artisan Partners UK LLP (APUK) is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a registered investment adviser with the SEC. APEL Financial Distribution Services Limited (AP Europe) is authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. APLP, APUK and AP Europe are collectively, with their parent company and affiliates, referred to as Artisan Partners herein.

This announcement is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer, an invitation or a solicitation for investment or subscription for shares of funds or investment services in any country. Any person who is in possession of this material is hereby notified that no action has or will be taken that would allow an offering of any Artisan Partners product or service unless in compliance with local regulations. Neither this announcement nor any other material relative to this announcement have been submitted to any local regulatory authority for prior review or approval. This material is intended for the recipient’s information and use only and may not be distributed or made available (in whole or in part) in any local jurisdiction, directly or indirectly, except as permitted by local law and regulation.


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