Portfolio Manager Commentaries

Recent in-depth articles on a variety of topics from Artisan Partners Portfolio Managers.
  • Where We Are Finding Growth—Health Care Innovation
  • The Artisan Partners Growth Team shares its views on the evolution of the health care industry, and opportunities it is finding in harnessing this trend.
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  • The Search for Sustainable Growth
  • Artisan Partners Global Equity team discusses the attributes it seeks in potential investments in its endeavor to find companies that can sustain earnings growth over the long term.
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  • Where We Are Finding Growth—Financials Are Investible Again
  • Artisan Partners Growth Team discusses opportunities it is finding in the recently investible financials sector.
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  • Emerging Markets: The Changing Dynamics
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  • Where We Are Finding Growth—Internal Change Catalysts
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Recent in-depth articles and videos featuring Artisan Partners Portfolio Managers.
  • Why Global Discovery
  • The Growth Team discusses the genesis of its newest strategy and how it will differ from the other strategies the team manages.
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  • Finding Retail Opportunities in the Age of Amazon
  • Portfolio managers Jim Hamel and Jason White discuss the challenge Amazon poses to traditional retailers and where they’re finding compelling opportunities.
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  • A Scientific Approach to Identifying Profit Cycles
  • Portfolio managers Jim Hamel, Matt Kamm, Craigh Cepukenas and Jason White discuss their approach to identifying compelling potential growth opportunities and how they aim to make that process as scientific and repeatable as possible.
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  • Video Update—Core Financials Are Investible Again
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