1 February 2019

Milwaukee, WI. Artisan Partners announced today that it will reopen Artisan Mid Cap and International Funds to new investors, effective February 1, 2019.

The Artisan Mid Cap Fund (investor share class: ARTMX) is managed by the Growth team, led by portfolio managers Matt Kamm, Jim Hamel, Craigh Cepukenas and Jason White—Matt Kamm is the lead portfolio manager for the Fund. The Artisan International Fund (investor share class: ARTIX) is managed by the Global Equity team, led by portfolio manager Mark Yockey and associate portfolio managers Charles Hamker and Andrew Euretig.

The Artisan Mid Cap and International Funds have been closed to most new investors since 2002 and 2016, respectively, reflecting the firm's focus on process integrity and effective capacity management.


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