Who is eligible to invest in a closed Artisan Partners Fund?

You may be able to open a new account in a closed Fund if the account meets the below eligibility criteria:

  • You are already a shareholder in the closed Fund in your own name or as beneficial owner of shares held in someone else's name (a nominee, custodian or omnibus account holding shares for the benefit of an investor would not be eligible to open a new account for its own benefit or for the benefit of another customer)
  • You are a shareholder with combined balances of $250,000 in any of the Funds
  • You receive shares of the closed Fund as a gift from an existing shareholder of the Fund (additional investments generally are not permitted unless you are otherwise eligible to open an account under one of the other criteria listed)
  • You are transferring or "rolling over" into a Fund IRA account from an employee benefit plan through which you held shares of the Fund
  • You are a director or officer of the Funds, or a partner or employee of Artisan Partners or its affiliates, or a member of the immediate family of any of those persons

For a complete list of eligibility information, refer to the "Who is Eligible to Invest in a Closed Fund" section of the Fund's statutory prospectus or contact us at 800 344 1770.