Portfolio Manager Commentaries

Recent in-depth articles on a variety of topics from Artisan Partners Portfolio Managers.
  • Dissecting Dispersion: Uncovering Opportunities in a Bifurcated Market
  • As investor risk tolerance wanes and bouts of volatility become more frequent, growing dispersion is an opportunity to strategically invest. The Artisan Partners Credit Team believes its portfolio is well-tailored to succeed in this environment.
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  • Value in Tech Stocks
  • Can tech companies be suitable additions to value-style portfolios? The Artisan Partners U.S. Value Team thinks so. When mature, cash-producing, industry-leading juggernauts fall out of favor, opportunity presents itself.
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  • The Case for Value
  • The case for value is a case for prudence, moderation and balance, particularly in a market driven by momentum, excess and imbalance. Investors should consider maintaining value style exposure, especially when it seems most out of favor.
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  • Where We Are Finding Growth—Transforming How We Work
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  • Where We Are Finding Growth—Health Care Innovation
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Recent in-depth articles and videos featuring Artisan Partners Portfolio Managers.
  • Rezo Kanovich: A One-Year Retrospective
  • Portfolio manager Rezo Kanovich looks back on his first year with Artisan Partners and how his team has capitalized on expanded degrees of freedom to construct a highly idiosyncratic portfolio of small and mid-sized companies.
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  • Rezo Kanovich at Artisan Partners: A Year in Review
  • As Artisan Partners marks the first year of Rezo Kanovich’s leadership, it is an opportune time to look back at the team’s first year, recap the portfolio’s transition and highlight the attractiveness of the opportunity set.
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  • Our ESG Journey
  • The Growth team shares its recently developed two-stage framework designed to incorporate ESG factors into the team’s investment process.
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  • Artisan Sustainable Emerging Markets Fund Fourth Quarter 2019 Update
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  • Can Countries Improve Their Corporate Governance Practices?
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  • Growth Team—26 Feb 2020
  • Artisan Partners Growth Team portfolio managers Jim Hamel, Craigh Cepukenas, Matt Kamm and Jason White will review their strategies and discuss recent performance and where the team is finding compelling growth opportunities.
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  • International Fund & Global Equity Fund—5 Feb 2020
  • Mark Yockey, portfolio manager of Artisan International Fund and Artisan Global Equity Fund discusses recent performance and shares perspectives on investing in the current environment.
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  • High Income Fund—27 Jan 2020
  • Bryan Krug, portfolio manager of Artisan High Income Fund discusses portfolio positioning, where the team is finding the most attractive opportunities in the current market environment.
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Annual highlights of fund performance and positioning.

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