Artisan Partners' business model is structured as a hybrid of a boutique and a holding company or a fully integrated firm. We retain the benefits of a boutique through our autonomous investment team structure and the stability of a holding company or fully integrated firm due to our distinct business management team that leads a robust operational capability and an experienced distribution and client service effort.

Autonomous Investment Teams

We have a strong philosophical belief in team autonomy. Our teams all have their own unique investment process and each one maintains its own research capabilities. We have no central research function and do not have a Chief Investment Officer. We believe autonomy promotes original research and positions each of our teams to capitalize on market anomalies. This structure promotes true diversity in our alpha sources across the firm.

Centralized Operational Capability

Our robust operational capability is in place to support the individual processes of our autonomous investment teams. Our goal is to optimize the time of our investment professionals by ensuring that the technology, trading and trade operations, marketing and branding and legal and compliance functions are handled efficiently without undue involvement from each of the investment teams. Therefore, the caliber and experience of individuals in these roles is critical.

Distinct Business Management

The operational complexities of a highly regulated, global investment organization, along with internal and external communication demands, have the potential to distract from the investment process. Our distinct business management team oversees a centralized operations infrastructure and leads an experienced distribution and client service team. This team is in place to allow our investment professionals to focus on portfolio management while ensuring a stable business environment.

Focused Distribution Model

Our distribution strategy is focused on sophisticated investors around the globe that operate with institutional decision-making processes and longer-term investment horizons. We employ knowledgeable and investment focused relationship managers who are directly aligned with our investment teams, and we pair them with regional and distribution channel experts. Managed well together, our client focus and distribution model protect each team's investment culture, contribute strongly to the stability of our asset base and create flexibility to respond to changing market environments and dynamics.