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Corporate Sustainability

Nurturing an environment in which all our stakeholders thrive is key to the quality and longevity—what we consider sustainability—of our business.

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For over a quarter century, we have remained true to Who We Are: a supportive and stable home for our people, a trusted partner for our clients and a predictable source of financial return for our shareholders.

Supportive and Stable Home for Our People

As a talent-driven business, our people are the firm's single greatest asset. We strive to be the ideal home for top talent, at all levels and in all functions, who thrive in broad roles and want the freedom to maximize their potential. We continuously invest in our associates by providing compelling work in a dynamic, growth-oriented environment. Fundamental to this investment is fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture that responds to the needs of a global and diverse workforce.

Trusted Partner for Our Clients

As a fiduciary, we make investment decisions on behalf of our clients with a commitment to act in their best interests. Our commitment is manifested in how we invest—supporting each investment decision with fundamental research, including the incorporation of material ESG matters, and taking actions through direct engagement with company management and voting proxies in accordance with the clients' economic best interests.

Predictable Source of Return for Our Shareholders

Our shareholders benefit from transparency, consistency, and predictability. We are committed to clearly communicating our purpose, culture, business model and financial results. By taking care of our people and fulfilling our fiduciary duty to our clients we create a waterfall effect that helps generate sustainable financial outcomes for our shareholders in the long term.

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