"Everything we do is consciously designed to create an investment culture that allows our talent to thrive." —Eric Colson, CEO, Artisan Partners
At Artisan Partners we believe strongly in our investment culture and share a commitment to the values that make our culture distinctive.

Creative Perspectives

Value-added investment decisions stem from Creative Perspectives.

Bureaucracy, committees and benchmark constraints can quickly stifle the creative perspectives that are essential to producing value-added results. We do not want to dilute results or create commonalities in performance. Our investment teams operate autonomously and have the freedom to take investment risk in the context of a well-defined process. We believe team autonomy and investment freedom retain the purity of each team's investment process and amplify the creative perspectives that lead to value creation.

Investment Focus

Time is the most important asset to Investment Focus.

The operational complexities of a highly regulated, global investment organization along with internal and external communication demands have the potential to distract from the investment process. It is our goal to create as much time as possible for our investment teams to focus on their unique investment processes. We have a business management team in place, which is distinct from our investment teams, and dedicated marketing and client service teams to oversee the numerous operational, legal and client service aspects of our business. This model maximizes the time our investment teams spend on investment decisions.

Interest Alignment

Long-term relationships begin with Interest Alignment.

Poor alignment, lack of fairness and opacity can destroy a relationship. We align the interests of our investment professionals with clients through our equity ownership structure. Equity ownership encourages our investment teams to emphasize long-term results, which aligns with the investing goals of our clients. We have also established consistency in our incentive model across our investment teams. We believe the combination of our equity ownership structure and a fair and transparent compensation system across our investment teams creates stability in our firm.

Thoughtful Growth

Talent retention and firm evolution require Thoughtful Growth.

A lack of growth or growth for growth's sake can make a business unattractive to investment talent and clients and lead to unintentional outcomes. We hire and develop talent that has an entrepreneurial mindset similar to ours. We pursue investment solutions that are aligned with sustainable, global trends. In order for our business to remain attractive to investment talent and clients, we regularly look for opportunities to grow our business in a way that maximizes long-term career opportunities for our investment professionals and provides relevant investment solutions for our clients.