Institutional Investors

Investment teams at Artisan Partners are represented by dedicated relationship managers that operate as the business leaders and strategy specialists to service a broad array of client types. Defined contribution specialists cater to the specific investment and operational needs of DC plans, recordkeepers and their consultants.

Dedicated Relationship Managers

800 399 1770

Growth Team
Chip Ridley, CFA | Floyd Dukes, CFA | Cameron Griffin, CFA

Global Equity Team
Global Equity and Non-U.S. Growth Strategies: Sean Howley | Ben Helsby 

China Post-Venture Strategy: Jessica Hornung

U.S. Value Team
Darlene van Nostrand, CFA

International Value Team
Robert Paulson | Ed Omata, CFA | David Hetzer

Global Value Team
Robert Paulson | Aaron Roberts, CFA | Ryan Wood, CFA

Sustainable Emerging Markets Team
Sean McCoy | Pat Sanchez, CFA

Credit Team
Meaghan Mahoney

Developing World Team
David Heiny | Bill Mahler, CFA

Antero Peak Group
Merritt Shivitz

International Small-Mid Team
Non-U.S. Small-Mid Growth Strategy: Matthew Tuzman | Alyse Vishnick

EMsights Capital Group
Darren Goldman

Defined Contribution Specialists

800 468 1770

Scott Raue 

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