Year-to-Date Distributions

Each shareholder in an Artisan Partners Fund is entitled to his or her share of the Fund's net income and any gains realized on the Fund's investments. Each equity Fund intends to distribute substantially all of its net income and net realized capital gains to investors at least annually.

Artisan Floating Rate, High Income, Value Income, Emerging Markets Debt Opportunities and Global Unconstrained Funds typically declare and pay income distributions on a regular basis throughout the year. Additionally, the Funds intend to distribute substantially all of its remaining net income (as determined for Federal income tax purposes) and net realized capital gains at least annually. The distribution rate shown assumes that shares were held during the entire accrual period. 

Select a Fund below to see the most recent distribution information. Shareholders who purchase shares directly from the Fund will be able to view information relating to distributions paid through Artisan Account Access.



General Tax Information

Impact of Actions by Other Shareholders

Each Fund, like all mutual funds, pools the investments of many investors. Actions by one investor or multiple investors may have an impact on the Fund and on other investors. Shareholder purchase and redemption activity may affect the per share amount of a Fund's distributions of its net income and net realized gains, if any, thereby increasing or reducing the tax burden on the Fund's shareholders subject to income tax. Artisan Partners Funds monitors shareholder trading activity in the Funds. Artisan Partners Funds discourages redemptions prior to the record date in order to avoid receiving distributions.

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