The general tax information provided below does not constitute tax or legal advice. Consult your tax advisor or legal counsel for advice and information concerning your particular situation. Neither Artisan Partners Funds nor any of its representatives may give tax or legal advice. Each shareholder of an Artisan Partners Fund is entitled to his or her share of the Fund's net income and any gains realized on the Fund's investments. Whether reinvested in additional shares or taken in cash, mutual fund shareholders are responsible for taxes on all ordinary income and capital gains distributions.

When you sign your account application, you must certify that your Social Security or taxpayer identification number is correct, that you are a US person and that you are not subject to backup withholding for failing to report income to the IRS. If you fail to comply with this procedure, the IRS can require the Fund to withhold a percentage of your taxable distributions and redemptions.

Impact of Actions by Other Shareholders—Each Fund, like all mutual funds, pools the investments of many investors. Actions by one investor or multiple investors may have an impact on the Fund and on other investors. Shareholder purchase and redemption activity may affect the per share amount of a Fund's distributions of its net income and net realized gains, if any, thereby increasing or reducing the tax burden on the Fund's shareholders subject to income tax.

For further information on tax considerations generally applicable to investment in an Artisan Partners Fund, please see the Taxes section of the Fund's prospectus.

What types of distributions do funds pay?

For federal income tax purposes, a Fund's distributions of net investment income (interest and dividend income from portfolio securities) and short-term capital gains (a result from sales of portfolio securities held for less than a year) are taxable to shareholders as ordinary income. The character of short-term capital gains does not pass through to shareholders. Instead, those gains are taxable to each shareholder as ordinary income. Shareholders will not be able to use any capital losses to offset those gains. Distributions of long-term capital gains (a result from sales of portfolio securities held for more than a year) are generally taxable to each shareholder at the investor’s capital gains tax rate.

Why does the NAV (net asset value) of a fund drop when a distribution is paid?

When a fund's net income or net realized gains are distributed to shareholders, the NAV is reduced by the amount of the distribution.

Are fund distributions taxable?

In general, fund distributions are taxable for most non-retirement accounts and are not taxable for retirement accounts (IRAs, etc.). Reinvested dividends and dividends paid in cash are treated similarly. Consult your tax advisor or accountant to determine if your distributions are taxable.

What is cost basis?

In general, cost basis is the price you paid for your fund shares. Cost basis can be used to help shareholders calculate the taxable gain or loss of their investment if they redeem their shares.

As part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, mutual fund companies will be required to report cost basis information to shareholders and to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on mutual fund shares acquired after January 1, 2012.

Consult your tax advisor to determine which method best suits your individual tax situation. Your elected cost basis method will be applied to future accounts opened in the Funds with the same account type and registration. For more information regarding cost basis reporting, please call 800.344.1770.

How do I change my distribution payment options?

As an Artisan Partners Fund shareholder, you can change your distribution payment options by using the Shareholder Account Options Form, calling us at 800 344 1770 or online through your Account Access. The Funds offer four distribution options:

Distribution Payment Options
  • Reinvest dividends and capital gains
  • Pay dividends in cash and reinvest capital gains
  • Reinvest dividends and pay capital gains in cash
  • Pay dividends and capital gains in cash

Note: For IRA accounts, all distributions are automatically reinvested because cash payments would likely be subject to income tax and penalties. At age 59 ½, you may request payment of distributions in cash. Distributions taken after age 59 ½ may be taxable. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

When will I receive my IRS Form 1099-DIV?

In general, Artisan Partners Funds mails 1099-DIV forms in January. Some accounts (including non-taxable accounts like IRAs) do not receive 1099-DIV forms.

Do any Artisan Partners Funds report income from Direct US Government Obligations?

Generally, none of the Artisan Partners Funds report income from Direct US Government Obligations.

How do Artisan's international funds deal with foreign taxes?

The Funds likely will take deductions at the Fund level for foreign taxes paid rather than pass through the gross dividend and accompanying foreign tax credit to shareholders.

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