High Value-Added Investment Firm

We focus exclusively on active, high value-added investment strategies where experienced investment professionals pursue superior results through a combination of original thinking and a disciplined approach. We have a strong philosophical belief in the autonomy of each of our investment teams. We provide each investment team with ample resources and support, without imposing a centralized research function. Each investment strategy is focused on an area that we believe provides opportunities to generate returns in excess of the relevant benchmarks.

  • Active Strategies
  • Autonomous Franchises
  • Process-Driven Results

Talent-Driven Business

Our business model is designed to attract, develop and retain talented investment professionals by allowing them to focus on portfolio management in an environment conducive to producing their best work on a consistent, long-term basis. Our experienced business leadership team supports our investment management capabilities by managing a centralized infrastructure, which allows our investment professionals to focus primarily on making investment decisions and generating returns for our clients. We ensure that our interests are aligned with the long-term interests of our clients. Our investment professionals' incentives are directly tied to the growth in client capital generated by the strategies they manage; additionally, our investment teams have meaningful capital invested alongside clients in those strategies and are substantial equity owners of the firm.

  • Designed for Investment Talent to Thrive
  • Managed by Business Professionals
  • Structured to Align Interests

Thoughtful Growth

Firm evolution requires thoughtful growth. A lack of growth or growth for growth's sake can make a business unattractive to investment talent. Our entrepreneurial mindset keeps us actively looking for ways to maximize long-term career opportunities for our existing investment professionals and make our business attractive to prospective investment talent. It also ensures we stay committed to providing investment strategies that are aligned with long-term global trends and that are relevant to our clients.

  • Active Talent Identification
  • Entrepreneurial Commitment
  • Focus on Long-Term Global Demand