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Fund Name Investor Advisor Investment Team
Developing World ARTYX APDYX Developing World
Focus ARTTX APDTX Antero Peak Group
Global Discovery APFDX APDDX Growth
Global Equity ARTHX APDHX Global Equity
Global Opportunities ARTRX APDRX Growth
Global Value ARTGX APDGX Global Value
High Income ARTFX APDFX Credit
International ARTIX APDIX Global Equity
International Small-Mid ARTJX APDJX Global Equity
International Value ARTKX APDKX International Value
Mid Cap ARTMX APDMX Growth
Mid Cap Value ARTQX APDQX U.S. Value
Select Equity ARTNX APDNX Global Value
Small Cap ARTSX APDSX Growth
Sustainable Emerging Markets ARTZX Sustainable Emerging Markets
Value ARTLX APDLX U.S. Value


  • Artisan Partners Announces Closing of the Artisan Non-US Small-Mid Growth Strategy
  • Artisan Partners announced today that it will close the Artisan Non-US Small-Mid Growth Strategy, including the Artisan International Small-Mid Fund, to most new investors effective 30 July 2021.
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  • Citywire Selector – ‘It’s Not Illegal To Be a Monopoly’
  • Artisan Partners Global Value Team Portfolio Manager Dan O’Keefe discusses important regulatory risks to consider when investing in technology businesses in the US versus China.
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  • Citywire Selector—Artisan Partners Launches Post-Venture China Strategy for Tiffany Hsiao
  • Artisan Partners portfolio manager Tiffany Hsiao explains her process for finding next-generation disruptors in the post-venture space.
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  • Citywire Selector—Triple-Plated Process Taps Solid Emerging Potential
  • Lewis Kaufman, Artisan Partners Developing World founding Portfolio Manager, is listed among Citywire Selector’s Top 10 Euro Stars.
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