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Fund Name Investor Advisor Investment Team
Developing World ARTYX APDYX Developing World
Emerging Markets Debt Opportunities APFOX APDOX EMsights Capital Group
Floating Rate ARTUX APDUX Credit
Focus ARTTX APDTX Antero Peak Group
Global Discovery APFDX APDDX Growth
Global Equity ARTHX APDHX Global Equity
Global Opportunities ARTRX APDRX Growth
Global Unconstrained APFPX APDPX EMsights Capital Group
Global Value ARTGX APDGX Global Value
High Income ARTFX APDFX Credit
International ARTIX APDIX Global Equity
International Small-Mid ARTJX APDJX Global Equity
International Value ARTKX APDKX International Value
International Explorer ARDBX International Value
Mid Cap ARTMX APDMX Growth
Mid Cap Value ARTQX APDQX U.S. Value
Select Equity ARTNX APDNX Global Value
Small Cap ARTSX APDSX Growth
Sustainable Emerging Markets ARTZX APDEX Sustainable Emerging Markets
Value ARTLX APDLX U.S. Value
Value Income APFWX APDWX U.S. Value


  • The Wall Street Transcript—Acceleration and Differentiation Are Keys to Outperforming the S&P
  • Artisan Partners Antero Peak Group portfolio manager Chris Smith discusses key investment themes and what to expect in the volatile periods to come.
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  • Deconstructing Alpha Podcast feat. Rezo Kanovich
  • Artisan International Small-Mid Fund portfolio manager Rezo Kanovich deconstructs the risk aspects of small stock investing and shares his approach to creating idiosyncrasy and convexity in a portfolio.
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  • Advisor Perspectives Podcast feat. Dan Kane: Value Investing in a Time of Uncertainty
  • Artisan Partners U.S. Value Team portfolio manager Daniel Kane views the current market drawdown as a healthy readjustment to the cost of capital and explains why today’s shifting financial landscape will create investment opportunities, particularly for disciplined value investors.
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  • Investment Strategy—'We are not single-outcome investors': The value perspective in difficult market conditions
  • Artisan Partners U.S. Value Team Portfolio Managers Dan Kane, Tom Reynolds and Craig Inman explain how periods of market volatility can present unique investment opportunities.
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