Artisan Partners Developing World Team Portfolio Manager Lewis Kaufman discusses his team’s investment philosophy, portfolio positioning and the current market environment.




Empty Calories—Reality Check for EM
• “Population increases are creating economic growth, while at the same time, there's only modest growth in…the middle income pyramid”
• Examples: Apollo Hospitals


Nvidia—What We’re Doing
• “This is when that risk management part of the equation kicks into action”


Quarterly Review
• Contributors
• Detractors


• “…we remain optimistic about the potential for services consumption to outpace overall economic recovery. That's how our portfolio is aligned…”


EM Relations with China
• “emerging countries remain highly dependent on foreign capital and will seek to keep their options open, which is why I think they're taking this approach”


1 - Do you have any takeaways on the deflationary data coming out of China specifically the PPI, CPI figures? Any implications on the growth rate slowing in relation to Chinese Real Estate?
2 - The market has advanced quite a bit with some contributors being up a lot, what does that mean to how you are handing position sizing on scalable vs durable/correlation stocks in the portfolio?

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Gross merchandise value (GMV) is the total value of merchandise sold over a given period of time through a customer-to-customer exchange site. ASEAN, which we define as Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia countries. Net interest margin (NIM) measures the difference between interest income earned and paid out by financial institutions. Passport Companies are based in developed markets economically tied to emerging markets. Value Capture which we define as a model for trimming securities that experience market appreciation while retaining a residual position. Flexion which we define as the ability to deemphasize investments while preserving value pathways, to enhance portfolio outcomes.

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